Welcome @ PROPS

Were starting of with a small range of shirts and hoodies, but will increase the produkt- and colorrange step by step.

Collection #1

This first collection is targeted directly to the fpv core scene. The Prints an minimalistic on purpose. Normal people see just an illustration, while fpv people understand the background to the illustrations. A collection with louder/bolder illustrations is already in work.

not available?

Having a big stock is not possible until we've earned some money - sry!
If you are interested in a size thats not available at the moment just contakt us - well get it done asap ;)

refined by hand, vegan, Gots certified, fair wear & orgnaic

As the topic is saying, we choose and refine our produkts with care. But seriouslsy - with all the garbage our hobby is producing anyway, we wont save the world by selling sustainable clothes. But we truely think a nowadys founded buissness should care about sustainability. Furthermore were not willing to put energie and love in refining cheap china producs our customers wouldnt be happy with.